white Fused Alumina F022

White Corundum is a high purity, synthetic mineral. It is manufactured by the fusion of controlled quality pure grade Bayer Alumina in an electric arc furnace at temperatures greater than 2000 ℃ followed by a slow solidification process. Strict control over the quality of raw materials and fusion parameters ensure products of high purity and high whiteness

White Fused Alumina F022 Chemical Analysis:


White Fused Alumina F022 Physical Properties:

Crystal SystemTrigonal system
Mohs Hardness≥9
Melting Temperature(℃)2250
Refractory Temperature(℃)1900
True Density≥3.5
Grain shapeBlock, with sharp edges
Specific gravityApprox. 3.9 – 4.1 g/cm³
Bulk density(Dependent on grain size)Approx. 1.75 – 1.99g/cm³

White Fused Alumina Applications:

• Refractory,casting,foundry etc
• Bonded Abrasives and Coated abrasives
• Creating a matt finish on glass
•  Coated and bonded abrasives grain materials
• Wet and dry blast media, grinding and polishing, etc
• Floor/Wall laminates, Wear-resistant
• Thermal spraying/plasma spraying, Processing very hard
• Catalyst Carrier
• Ceramic and Tiles, Ceramic filter plate, ceramic membrane, etc
• Grinding wheels, Cup wheels, Whetstone, polishing pads, etc
• Blast-cleaning, surface finishing, Deburring, Roughening metallic surfaces

White Fused Alumina F022 PSD:

 +1.4MM 0 +1.00MM≤20% +0.85MM ≥45% +0.85MM+0.71MM ≥70% -0.6MM≤3%

Our Advantages:
1.Professional manufacturer, more than 20 years experiences in the white fused alumina.
2.Ensure clients stable quality of white fused alumina.
3.Having our own testing laboratory which guarantees products quality
4.Available to deliver samples to clients before place an order. Trail order for testing is also workable.
5.Production capacity: over 40, 000 tons per year.
6.Available to customize according to clients specifications.

1MT big bag or 25kgs bag, Pallet available

25kgs pags in English25kgs in Chinese25kgs pvc bags+1mt big bag25kgs pvc bags+pallet
Weight1000 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 × 100 cm
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