white fused alumina #280

Chemical,properties and PSD of white fused alumina #280

CHEMICAL,PROPERTIES AND PSD OF WHITE FUSED ALUMINA #280 White fused alumina is made from high purity aluminum oxide,and also called white aluminum oxide,white corundum,white electrocorundum,”WFA” ,”WA” for short. Chemical of white fused alumina #280 Al2O3                               ≥99.5% Na2O                               ≤0.35% Fe2O3                              ≤0.06% SiO2                                ≤0.05%            Physical Properties of white fused alumina #280 Mohs Hardness                  9.0 Bulk Density          1.75-1.95g/cm3 Melting Point                 2250℃

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TWA/Tabular White aluminum oxide

What is white platelet calcined alumina

WHAT IS WHITE PLATELET CALCINED ALUMINA? White platelet calcined alumina used imported aluminum oxide as main raw material,under special treament to control the crystal grow direction and become unique flat structure. Compare to other powder,what advantages does white platelet calcined alumina has? First,White platelet calcined alumina has excellent overall performance,for example,high melting point,high hardness,high mechanical

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white fused aluminum oxide F030

What is white fused aluminum oxide

WHITE IS WHITE FUSED ALUMINUM OXIDE? White fused aluminum oxide is also called white fused alumina,white aluminum oxide,white corundum,white electrocorundum,white fused aloxide etc for short “WA” or “WFA”. It is made from high quality aluminum oxide,with Al2O3 99%min. What about the characteristics of it? –High purity,no impurity such as iron,silica etc. –High hardness:MOHS 9.0 –Excellent

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What is the white color in fused alumina

WHAT IS THE WHITE COLOR IN FUSED ALUMINA? Usually fused alumina includes white fused alumina,brown fused alumina,pink fused alumina,black fused alumina and zircon fused alumina. Obviously the white color in fused alumina is white fused alumina,it is made from aluminum oxide,with mohs hardness 9.0. Now introduce the manufacturer of white fused alumina-Zhengzhou Haixu Abrasives Co.,ltd.

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white aluminum oxide

What is white color in alumimum oxide

WHAT IS WHITE COLOR IN ALUMINUM OXIDE? First,white fused aluminum oxide It is kind of normal abrasive,made from aluminum oxide by melting in arc furnace. What is the characteristics of white fused aluminum oxide? –high purity:99.5% aluminum oxide –high hardness:Mohs 9.0 –high wear-resisting -environmental … What is the sizes of white fused aluminum oxide haixu

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Granular white fused alumina

Sizes of white corundum haixu abrasives manufacture

SIZES OF WHITE CORUNDUM HAIXU ABRASIVES MANUFACTURE First,we summarize the aliases of white corundum as follows: white fused alumina,white aluminum oxide,white fused aluminum oxide,white electrocorundum,electrocorundum white 25A,white fused aloxide etc Secondly,explain what white corundum is,it is a kind of artifial abrasive,made from high quality of aluminum oxide. Thirdly,introduce our factory-zhengzhou haixu abrasives co.,ltd ZHENGZHOU HAIXU

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